Bloch Unisex Ballet Shoe Stretch Ribbon

Designed to follow the natural flexion and extension of the ankle and heel
Relieves unnecessary stress on the connecting muscles and tendons
Aids in maximum articulation with comfort

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Bloch Unisex Covert Ballet Shoe Elastic

Supportive elastic

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Budget Ballet Turn and Spin Turning Board For Dancers. Sturdy Dance Board For Ballet, Figure Skating, Swing & Ballroom. Turn Faster, Balance Better, and Perfect Your Spin with the Dance 360 Spinner.

MAKE DANCING PRACTICE FUN! – Dancers can’t stop spinning and grinning while building confidence, perfecting technique, and mastering the pirouette.
BUDGET FRIENDLY – Beginning dance training equipment and tools shouldn’t break the bank. Inexpensive, but never cheap. Perfect gift for any dancer or ice skater.
EXTREMELY DURABLE – Made from composite resin plastic with a neoprene rubber foot pad. EXTRA WIDE to accommodate a foot of any size. BAREFOOT friendly spins.

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Capezio Hair Net Bun Cover

Capezio Womens Bunheads Dance Accessories Hair Net Bun Cover, Nylon, BRN, OS

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Capezio Rock Rosin 12 oz. Bag

Capezio Womans Bunheads Dance Accessories ROSIN For Dancers, YLW, 12oz

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Crushed Rock Rosin,RRP,multi-colored,One-Size

Crushed Rock Rosin by Pillows For Pointe is available in a personal size plastic container with safety screw-on top.Size: 11 oz.

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Energetiks Girls’ Essential Dance Tight – Convertible

Product of Australia
Nylon with 12% Spandex
Convertible Foot

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EverStretch Ballet Stretch Band, Don’t Settle for Less: Premium 2-Layer Dance Stretch Band for Hands Free Flexibility Training. Ballet Band Stretching Equipment for Dance, Cheer and Gymnastics.

♥️️ EFFORTLESSLY MORE FLEXIBLE – work on your splits while enjoying your favorite TV show. Our stretching band is easy to use anywhere, portable and you don’t need to use/fit any accessories. Get a hands free assisted stretching experience without the need for a training partner.
⚕️ PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE – you won’t just buy a latex band; we’ll teach you how to use your ballet stretch band with step-by-step exercise instructions of varying difficulty levels made by a ballet teacher. We’ll send you a Stretching Guide PDF and you get free access to our Online User Portal with video instructions of stretching exercises, a journal and more.
⭐ PREMIUM QUALITY – We don’t cut costs and only use the best materials so you can stretch without having to worry; our bands won’t break and are comfortable. 2-layer seamless design, made extra thick to ensure that the band is firm and extra wide so the band won’t dig into your skin. 100% natural latex and completely free of cheaper materials like TPE.

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EverStretch Dance Stretcher Gift Pack: Door Flexibility Trainer PRO + Stretching Band Premium Stretching Equipment for Ballet and Dance. Our Best Leg Stretcher and Ballet Stretch Band in giftbox.

❤️️ THE PERFECT GIFT – If you’re loved one is passionate about ballet, dance, cheer, tumbling, pilates, yoga, martial arts or any other sport that requires flexibility, this will put a wide smile on their face and will help them move better than ever before!
✅ GREAT VALUE – This value pack is a combination of our 2 most popular flexibility training products and you save over 20% with this bundle.
✴️ DOOR FLEXIBILITY TRAINER PRO – The best Door Leg Stretcher to improve flexibility, balance, strength and rang of motion in a natural body position. (Product 1 of 2 in this gift pack)

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Fit Simplify Ballet Stretch Bands – Dance Stretchers and Flexiblity Trainers – for Dancers, Skaters and Gymnasts – Instructional Booklet, Carry Bag, Stretching e-Guide and Online Videos

MADE FOR DANCERS: We’ve specially designed these stretch bands with the optimum resistance required for ballet, dance, and gymnastics stretch exercises
NO HANDS STRETCHING: Allows you to focus on proper technique to stretch your arms and upper body. Perfect for learning the Grand Jeté, Grand Pliés, and Arabesque positions. Ideal for injury prevention.
HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Our bands are one continuous loop of strong, elastic, natural latex. They measure 90 inches in circumference (45 inches flat) and 1.4 inches wide and are designed for most body sizes. Bands can also be tied off to customize the length to your exact needs (please see our ebook guide).

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Flexistretcher,FS1,black One-Size

Are you looking to improve extension? Obtain a higher arabesque? Finally have a full split? Originally designed by a professional dancer for use in some of the world’s top ballet companies, the Flexistretcher is an indispensible component of any athlete’s … Read More

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Frank Frog Pirouetter | Pink Ballet Turning Board | Sturdy Canadian Maple Wood, Gift Box | Improve Your Turns and Pirouettes

SKYROCKET YOUR TURNING SKILLS: Turning is very demanding as it requires excellent technique and a combination of skills. This amazing turning board can greatly help you improve by reducing friction and helping you spin faster.
IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL DANCING PERFORMANCE: Apart from gaining confidence and building a solid turning technique, the Pirouetter will enhance all your dancing skills such as balance and spotting.
FINEST QUALITY, STURDY MATERIAL: Don’t waste your money on plastic, breakable turning boards. The Pirouetter is made of 7-ply Canadian maple wood. It is eco-friendly and extremely durable. Does not scratch wooden floors.

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