Adult Ballet Beginner Ballet Classes – How To Start?

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Adult beginner ballet classes – I know from the many people who ask me if they can learn ballet online, that there is a large number of people who wonder how to start learning ballet. How can they prepare themselves? How can they progress faster and understand ballet dance routines? Is there a home study course in ballet barre routines, or one about how to get really flexible?

Some people who have discovered a passion for ballet later in life harbor worries. Like:

can I get really flexible now?
what are good whole body stretches?
can I improve my ballet turnout?
will I ever get higher leg extensions?

… just to name a few. This makes sense. Ballet is very demanding. It often chooses us, rather than it is us who choose ballet. Believe me, I understand!

Learn Ballet Online?

You cannot learn ballet without a class and a teacher. However, you can learn a lot about ballet online. Aside from the millions of videos you can see, there are a few select bodies of data.

One, in particular, takes you through the ballet dance routine of barre work. You can not only take a look at correct vs wrong ballet posture, but you will be able to get sideways to a mirror and figure out if your “natural” posture is natural.

Improve Ballet Turnout

You will need to get a good grasp on ballet turnout. That professional fifth position you see on stage may not be something you can ever do. Yet, if you learn the correct muscle usage for turnout, the piriformis muscles, and how not to clench your butt, or gluts, you will eventually be able to hold the degree of turnout that you have.

Ballet lends itself to perfectionism, yet you must refrain, if you are so inclined. It is an eight to nine year process of training for children (hand-picked from thousands in the auditions). So if you want to get into adult ballet beginner classes, picture yourself as studying for that long, and you will feel like you’ve got the time to improve your ballet technique.

Can I Get Really Flexible?

Can you get more flexible? Yes, even if slowly. The more you learn about whole body stretches and releasing muscle tension, the better. You can set up a program of correct stretching before, or when you start your adult ballet classes.

Higher Leg Extensions

These will come to you, most of you, gradually. All ballet barre routines are designed to warm you up, and strengthen and stretch your major muscle groups. Yet you can learn simple and effective stretching that you can do at home, and even sneak in a few at the office.

The Ballet Dance Routines

The ballet dance routines are fairly standard. They may vary from class to class, stay the same for few classes, or be the same every class. Some teachers decide this variation based on the group they have in a class and whether they are fast learners or not.