Body shape is really important. Some dancers will always look like the perfect ballerina, even from a young age, but bodies grow and change at different times. I work really hard in the studio but I also love swimming; not only is it an all-over body work-out, but it's so good for your joints and muscles too.
When I can, I do some yoga. I have a bit of shoulder trouble, so sometimes I can't do all that 'downward dog' stuff. But there is nothing quite like pulling on those pink tights and whacking through a three-hour ballet. I'm not going to lie, that is the thing that is going to get you the most in shape.

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You do get pretty close to the people that you are dancing with. I do still get a little bit shy, even now. In Romeo and Juliet, when you first rehearse the kiss with someone, I still get embarrassed. But before you know it you are "pashing" all over the place.
I remember one boyfriend saying, "His hands were everywhere when he was lifting you Lauren", and I'd never thought of it like that. When it happens I'm not thinking, "Ooo, there's a guy touching my inner thigh." It's more, "How do I look in this lift?"

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There are so many things I would like to say to a younger me. I'd like to say that you need to be really realistic. You need to really suck it up, put on your "big girl pants", be brave, learn to listen to criticism and listen to the truth.
When I was younger, there were so many things that I didn't achieve, that I wanted to. There were competitions I didn't get into, grades I didn't make - and I remember those moments like they were yesterday.

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